Understanding the Benefits of Sprouted Grains

We are very excited here at Bakery On Main to bring you our newest granola! Organic Happy Granola is part of our new organic family of products. We are committed to bringing you products that are not only clean and safe, but that taste delicious and give you the greatest health benefits possible. Our new organic granola combines the bakeshop delicious taste you expect from Bakery On Main, with the benefits of sprouted grains! Available in 3 bakeshop delicious flavors such as Sprouted Blueberry Flax, Sprouted Grains & Honey, and Sprouted Maple Quinoa-  you may be wondering what “sprouted” means?  Sprouting means the grain has begun to grow into a new plant – but just barely. Grains are long-term storage packages, designed to keep their goodness locked inside until conditions are right to grow a new plant. When sprouting begins, the process “unlocks” many of the grain’s nutrients, making them more available to baby plants and our bodies. This process sparks the deactivation of growth inhibitors which results in a wealth of benefits provided to those that then consume those sprouted grains. Some of these benefits include:
  • An increased bio-availability of key nutrients- these include vitamins such as B and C, folate, fiber, minerals such as iron, and essential amino acids1,2,3
  • Easier digestion- Reduced Glycemic response and improved blood sugar control4,5
  • Increased Mineral Absorption- the breakdown of enzyme inhibitors helps the body more easily absorb nutrients such as iron, magnesium, calcium, zinc, and copper in sprouted grains as opposed to unsprouted grains6
  • Sprouted grains are high in antioxidants7 and can inhibit cancer cells8
  • Decreased anti-nutrients such as phytates and protease inhibitors
These are among many of the benefits that sprouted grains may provide and with Bakery On Main’s New Organic Happy Granola, you can enjoy these benefits deliciously!
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